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Heritage Pork

From happy pigs comes great tasting pork!  Our pigs forage through field and forest over the course of a summer in addition to having access to locally grown grain. Because they are a cross of  wonderful heritage breeds, their meat is dark and very flavourful. We try to use Tamworth, Berkshire, Large Black crosses in varying combinations. 

Pricing (By request, whole pork only)

2020 Pricing is as follows:

Wholes: $2.35/lb on the hanging weight

In addition each person would pay the butcher cost for their particular animal and the cost of purchasing a weaner pig.


Pork Packs (Only available if we have extra stock on hand)

These easy to buy packs are a sample of cuts from our pork. Each pack is 20 lbs and usually contains bacon, ground, chops, and roast. At times they may also contain cutlets, ham or sausage.

There are no packs available at this time.  They may become available when we butcher in the fall/winter.  We will update this page if that changes. Packs are $120.