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State of the Farm Address

Some of you may have known the kids and I were away from the farm for most of the summer. While we were away our lone farmer was forced to deal with all manner of things gone wrong. So this is our state of the farm address to explain where we are at and where we are going. The weather, though great for gardens, weeds and bugs, was not very cooperative for harvesting alfalfa. We are thankful we have finally gotten it baled and mostly hauled into the plant now. Just in time to start the second cut. Aside from the weather a major speed bump has been equipment failure, the story of the life of a small farmer. Paul has had to do tractor repairs probably 5 times this summer and once again the tractor sits broken beside our baler which managed to make two bales and then blew bearings. When it rains it pours because at the same time all this was going on several of our lovely standing dead trees also decided to crash down on the pig fence on two sides. It didn't take long for our piggertillers to find their way out and start digging up everything in sight. Once they found freedom once it was game over for keeping them in. Paul was suppose to fly out to meet us at this point so the pigs had to be sold as clearing and repairing the fence was a few days job. As it was his departure was delayed trying to put out a few other fires. Then there were the predators. I don't know if there is a shortage of mice this summer or some other mysterious force driving every predator into the farm but between the owls, foxes, Hawks, and weasels we have lost turkeys to the point we sold the remainder, all our hens and roosters, 3/4 of our personal meat birds, our pet rabbits, our mama cat, at least one lamb and almost another. We do however have a bumper crop of kittens if anyone is interested. That brings us to the sheep. With more of the farm sitting broken than intact, we are now coming up to shearing time for the sheep. To sum it up things are a bit of a mess and we are limping along short on time and long on repairs and projects. For this reason we have come to the conclusion it is time to step back and regroup. We are going to be selling our flock of sheep and not bringing any more animals on to the farm for awhile. The future will likely see a Haystack Farm raising goats rather than lamb, poultry will have a delayed return until we can deal with some of the predator issues and when it does return it may not include both chicken and turkey, and pigs will return but likely on a limited scale for a few years. We will still keep everyone posted on life at the farm but sadly will not be selling good food for a while. We have appreciated all the support and interest we have received over the last few years and look forward to unveiling the new and improved Haystack Farm!

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