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Modern Technology in Farming

Finally, the website is up in some operational form!  With life being so consumed by staying ahead of the day to day demands, the website launch has been slow in coming. When you think of farming and technology usually one tends to think tractors, combines, and fertilizers yet when you really think of operating a small farm in today's world the internet and computers are really at the forefront in getting the product to the customer.  For us it is such an efficient and inexpensive way to have our information easily accessible. The immediacy of the internet is a strange contrast to the background of farming which is anything but immediate. Though somehow they fit so well together that without that avenue of communication growing our small farm would be a whole different bag of oats. So we hope you enjoy the website and find it helpful. Hopefully soon we will be able to add a monthly feature recipe and a newletter. Until then feel free to let us know what you think and what you'd like to see on Haystackfarm.ca!

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