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 Located just 40km north of Edmonton, Haystack Farm is a small, family run farm raising nutritious meats for the local market. All our animals are raised in a pasture setting with no antibiotics or added hormones. We let them grow slowly and mature naturally to provide you with flavourful meat high in nutritional value.


Good Food Update! 

Renovations turned into reconstruction! The 2017 season saw us experimenting with a few changes to combat predators. Our poultry did not fair as well as we had hoped though our guard geese thrived. Maybe Haystack Farm pasture raised goose is in our future! We waved good-bye to the remainder of our flock of Icelandic sheep in preparation to welcome a herd of meat goats. Preparations are moving along more slowly than hoped so our 2017 herd is turning into a 2018 herd. Repairs are slated this fall for our pig pen and we will be offering small numbers of custom requests for pork. Our beef herd of three steers is holding steady. Come November we'll be picking up the new batch for next years butcher. So though it looks unlikely Haystack chicken will return to the menu, we are hopeful the future may see Haystack turkey, goose, and goat. We'll keep you posted!


Featured Fan Favourite

Crockpot Lamb Shanks

Great with whole shanks.